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Reverie Adjustable BedsReverie-3E (Essential Plus)
The Reverie-3E (Essential Plus) allows you to raise your head and feet into the relaxation or sleeping position of your choice. This customer favorite will fit your budget, too!

Reverie-5D (Deluxe)
The Reverie-5D (Deluxe) adjustable foundation is instant comfort at your fingertips. Patented massage technology improves circulation, while the adjustable foot and head allow you to sink into comfort in a virtually unlimited array of positions, including the pre-set crowd favorites: €œAnti-Snore€ and €œZero Gravity€. Compatible with our Made for Mobile devices.



reverieThe Reverie Deluxe AdjustableBed Motorized Frame elevates the back section higher than any other adjustable bed motorized frame on the market: Adjustability up to 70 degree angle allowing users to read or watch TV in bed without needing to use pillows or extra supports. The Reverie AdjustableBed will fit into any bedroom decor and maintain style and comfort for years to come.


Reverie AdjustableBed Motorized Frame

Video on Reverie Adjustable Bed Motorized Frame

STAYS CLOSE TO THE WALL; When elevated the Reverie Motorized Frame allows the headboard to remain at a constant distance from the wall and nightstand while the head of the bed elevates; Whisper quiet, low voltage, DC lift system provides smooth, quiet and efficient operation; Outfitted with proprietary structural steel frame and 6 legs for greater stability; Compatible with all modern bed frames and headboards. Frame includes adjustable headboard brackets

Best Motors: 2 Motors. One for the Head Section and One for the Foot Section

motorized frame serviceThe Reverie Motors are VERY QUIET. There are (2) Two Direct Drive Motors that are installed directly into the frame. It is better to have (2) Two Independent Head and Foot Motors, as opposed to a (1) One Motor System, like the S-Cape system by Leggett and Platt, because in case of service down the road, you only have to pay for One motor, not the whole Motor System Package. The Reverie Motors have a 20-Year Limited Warranty: One Year Unconditional Parts and Labor; Two Years Unconditional Parts, and Pro-Rated up to 20-Years. In the unlikely event of a need for Service, the Reverie Motors have a modular plug design, with cotter and clevis pins - NO TOOLS ARE NECESSARY TO REMOVE A MOTOR - JUST YOUR HANDS!


Best Frame: All Steel Frame with 20 Year Limited Warranty

Best Hand Control and Electronics: 20 Year Limited Warranty. Modular Plug Design makes replacing of any Motor and Electronic Part easy without any tools. Simply unplug the Head Motor, Foot Motor, Head Massage Motor or Foot Massage Motor from the control box. Everything is color coded and marked for easy service replacement. Hand Control has many functions:

Head and Foot Adjustments

Flat Position Button (levels the bed to the flat position when the button is pressed and held for 3 seconds)

Head and Foot Massage Adjustments. Each has 10 different intensity choices. Stop button will stop all massage features. The massage feature is designed to automatically shut off after 30 minutes of continuous use. The massage feature is designed to automatically shut off after 30 minutes of continuous use. 3-Built in Wave Massage Modes and FULL BODY MASSAGE Button that alternates between Wave Modes 1, 2 and 3.

Reading and Watching TV Position Button

Zero Gravity Button

Backlift Buttons

Operation of Remote is possible without facing the receiver

Emergency Lowering Feature in the event of a power outage

Best Casters:

With the Reverie Adjustable Bed you get (6) Six casters (as opposed to just 4 from the other Adjustable Bed Manufacturers) on each bed. Each Caster is an Upgraded Optional Locking Caster (which is helpful if you wish your adjustable bed not to move at all - sometimes a benefit for those who struggle to get in and out of bed, and push off the bed).




DUAL Circular Motion Massage System: One Circular Motion Massager for the Back Section and One Circular Motion Massager for the Leg Section. You can individually adjust the frequency of each massager, and the Reverie has 3 pre-programmed Wave Massages on the Hand Control. The massage feature is designed to automatically shut off after 30 minutes of continuous use. 3-Built in Wave Massage Modes and FULL BODY MASSAGE Button that alternates between Wave Modes 1, 2 and 3.

The Reverie Adjustable Bed Models:


The back elevates to 70 degrees - higher than any other adjustable bed on the market


Wall-Hugger design - if you like to read, or use your nightstand for the remote, or a glass of water, or your book, or some medicine, the Reverie has been specifically designed with a Wall-Hugger Design to keep you always the same distance to your wall/Reading Light/Nightstand.

Quietest Motors in the Industry

(2) Two Motors; one for the back section and one for the leg section. Direct Drive Motor System (no belts or plastic wheels to break). Modular Plug Design and Cotter and Clevis Pins. NO TOOLS OR WIRING IS NECESSARY TO TAKE OFF A MOTOR!

20-Year Warranty on All Steel Frame. 1 Year Part and LABOR on Entire Bed (includes in-home service and transportation charges). 3 Year Parts Warranty on Entire Bed. 20 Year Pro-Rated Warranty starting 4th year on All Steel Frame.

(2) Two Circular Motion Massage Motors; not up-and-down Vibrators. Separate Head and Foot Massage adjustments: each has 10 different (1 to 10) Massage Intensity Choices. Each Massager is enveloped in Foam to prevent noise. Color Coded and Modular Plug Design in case of Service. Stop Button will stop all massage features.

(6) Six locking casters Standard on all Size Beds





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