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We welcome you into the family of Electro-Ease.com Home Stair Lifts,

A family owned and operated company since 1964.

In the Stair Chair Lift Industry, we have come to realize the most important factory to our customers is RELIABILITY.

For 50 Years now, we have learned that our business is Built Upon Service.

For as long as your own your Chair Stair-Lift, if you ever need Service, we will help you resolve your problem as soon as possible. We are always only a Phone Call Away 800-727-1954.

At Electro-Ease, your Stair-Lift Reliability is not a matter of just good intentions: Your Stair Lift Reliability is Everything!

Home Stair Lifts are designed to bring you the ultimate in Stair Climbing Mobility,

By Electrically moving you up and down your stairs, at the simple touch of your finger.

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Before you buy a Stair-Lift, Compare Price, Quality, Guarantee and Service.

Compare the COMPONENTS of a Stair Lift, which may include the Motor, Seat, Track, Remote Controls, Arm Rest Switches, Swivel Seat Features,

Aluminum Track, Weight Capacity, Optional Seat Height - Foot Rest Adjustment, Compare Folding Seat Rest

Batterys, Battery Charger, Optional built-in Electronic Diagnostics, Optional Flip-up Rests,


Home Stair Lifts are so each to use, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to Pamper Yourself.

First thing we need to know is if you need a Straight Indoor or Outdoor Exterior or Custom Curve Stair Lift for your Home, Residence or Commercial Setting

We then ask, from the downstairs, looking upstairs, are you planning to put the StairLift on the Right Side or Left Side

Then we ask approximately how many steps you have.

Most Chair Stairway StairLift track is cut from 16 feet and 20 feet sections. Our stairLift Installer Usually cuts the track in your home to make for a perfect fit.

We ask you if there are any obstructions, like doorways, that the StairLift may obstruct from allowing you to open.

Usually we ask for a first hand look.

The Track goes all the way down to the floor. Some people elect to get the optional Flip-Up Bottom Piece, in case there is an obstruction.

Chair StairLifts have built in Safety Sensors on the Foot Plate and the Arm Rests that will automatically stop if there is an obstruction.

Flip up Arm Rests (the model SRE-1550 has arm rests that go out to the side) and a Swivel Chair Seat allow you to exit the chair easily; especially if you have to transfer to a walker or a wheelchair.

ChairLifts have standard Safety Belts.

Fold up the Chair and Foot Rests and you are only out about 14" of space from the wall.

Electra-Rideand#153; LT
Model ELE-2750

Straight Stairway Bsrochure

Options Stair Case Sheet

Spec Sheet Home Stair Lifts and
Application Drawing

Home StairLift Video

Electra-Rideand#153; II
Model ELE-1550

StairLift Brochure

Spec Sheet Indoor and
Application Drawing

Residential Video

Electra-Rideand#153; Best Quality Elite
Model ELE-2010

Residential Brochure

Options StairLift Sheet

Spec Sheet ChairLift and
Application Drawing

Straight Quality Video


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