MedLift Adjustible Beds - Available in 600 Pound Bariatric Adjustible Bed Options - Made in the USA

MedLift Adjustible Beds
Twin and Full

MedLift Adjustible Beds
Single or Split Queen

MedLift Adjustible Beds
Split King
Available in Economy, Standard or Heavy Duty Series. Bed base only or bed base and mattress combination. Custom sizes available.
Available in Economy, Standard or Heavy Duty Series. Bed base only or bed base and mattress combination.Custom sizes available.
Available in Economy, Standard, or Heavy Duty series. Bed base only or bed and mattress combination. Custom sizes available.
Adjustible Bed Features and Options
  • Available in Standard 375lb capacity or Deluxe 600lb capacity.
  • All cold rolled steel frames with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • 1/4" X 1-1/2" angle iron used for all actuator pivots.
  • 12 guage steel gusset plates at pivots.
  • 14 guage 1" X 3" tubular steel side rail beams for superior load handling strength.
  • Specially designed, Heavy duty motorsproviding years of service.
  • ULTRA EZZ III - "Miracle Motion Massage"with timer.
  • Wireless remote. (Optional) Not available on Economy Series
  • Heavy duty, rollingcasters with locking capability.
  • Quick change components using plug-in connected, printed circuit boards instead of wire nuts.
  • Large selectionof mattressoptions from MedLift Bariatric Adjustible Beds allowing a more customized and comfortable sleep.
  • 2", 4" and 6" bed height adjusters make it possible to use Sleep-Ezz bed inmost existing frames. (Optional)
  • Headboard brackets make it possible to connect to any standard headboard. (Optional)
All Sleep Ezz adjustible beds and mattresses meet the new Fire Codes!
All beds ship in7-10 Working Days!
All Made in the USA!!!!!!!!

medlift adjustible bed
Head Up/Foot up angle view
Head up/ foot up side View

med-lift adjustible bedlft

Bariatric Heavy Duty MedLift Adjustible Bed SpecialistMedLift AdjustableBed and Med-Lift AdjustableBed Mattresses

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